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Marketing and Sales Together at Last

At Sales and Marketing Univeristy, we have a vision of marketers and sales executives coming together. It’s time to get over the days of email blasts to thousands of strangers, and forget about being buried under a mountain of unqualified leads.

We’ll bring you some of the latest technologies find more prospects, qualify them, and nurture them. It’s about personalization and relevant contact, not just blasting out your latest blog update to people who haven’t opened your emails in the last 20 years. It’s about learning what interests your prospects, and finding the ones worth your time, not spending hours of your time on the phone because someone happened to fill out a demo form.

Through our partnerships, we’ll introduce you to techniques that will streamline your sales funnel. No more awkward hand-offs and missed leads; everyone is in this together.

Do you think you  could contribute to our university? Email with your solutions.

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